“Take the Challenge” 

So you think know animals? If you’re a natural born quiz whiz, here’s your chance to prove it. Test your knowledge with our true/false questionnaire, destined to befuddle even the wisest of pet lovers!

“Here We Go”

 1. Pit Bulls have locking jaws. 
True / False

2. Cats always land on their feet. 
True / False

3. Mares and stallions have a different amount of teeth. A mare has 36 teeth and a stallion (or gelding) has 40.
True / False

4. Putting bells on a cat’s collar will stop it from catching mice and birds. 
True / False

5. If you touch a baby bird, the mother will smell you later and not take care of her baby anymore.
True / False

6. Dogs bite boys more often than girls.
True / False

7. All cats hate water. 
True / False

8. The gestation period of a horse is 11 months.
True / False


  1. False. The locking jaws story is a myth. However, Pit bulls are very strong and athletic and they do have a tendency to bite and hold down. Getting them to open those jaws can be difficult, but they do not lock.
  2. False. If a cat falls a very short distance from the ground, he won’t have enough time to right himself. Also, if a cat falls from a great height, he may be seriously hurt and possibly killed. As high-rise apartments become more common, veterinarians have coined a new term: high rise syndrome. This term refers to the fact that vets are seeing more and more cats that have fallen from high balconies.
  3. True.
  4. False. New research suggests that some cats wearing bells are actually better at catching prey because they learn to move without the bell making a sound are therefore that much stealthier!
  5. False. This is actually a myth. Other than vultures birds have a very poor sense of smell and won’t leave their young just because they smell that a human has been there.
  6. True.
  7. False. While most cats don’t fancy a dip in the pool, Turkish Vans take to the water like fish and are known to quite enjoy swimming.
  8. True

Cindy Hughes & Takaya (Stinkleberry)

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