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Calling Ur Dog

Q. How can I get my pup to pay attention to me? A. Talk softly to your dog. He will have to pay more attention to you. This is especially effective when younger, and is a good habit to get into. Negative reinforcement is still negative reinforcement so try not to get into the habit […]

Behavioural Problems, Part II

Yelling at the pup to stop barking, is like you barking as well and it increases the pups anxiety or fear. The pup is likely to think that you are joining in and will only continue to bark. There are many levels of barking some are just as simple as “did you hear that” to […]

Donna Hall, Certified Dog Trainer

Behavioural Problems Don’t let your pup learn bad habits! Most behavioural problems are caused by boredom and isolation. This is why it is essential to spend time every day with your pup and have him with you in the house or in the yard while you’re home. When you’re not home the pup should not […]

Crate Training, Part II

Introduction to the Crate Properly introduce the crate immediately upon arriving home and your pup will embrace it as his own. In order to make the initial introduction of the crate a successful one, use toys and treats to encourage your puppy to spend time in it. Leave the door open so that your puppy […]

Crate Training, Part I

With approximately 40 percent of all young canines being given up during their first year in a new home, we owe it to our dog friends to put more energy into helping them adjust to our way of life. The Crate There is no negative aspect to crate a puppy if it is done properly. […]

On Leash Aggression, Part II

My pup, who is now 6 months and getting quite big is barking wildly and pulling on the leash to see the other dogs. It doesn’t seem to be in a friendly way any more and this concerns me. The more often it happens the more I don’t want to walk my dog on a […]

On Leash Aggression, Part I

A common problem among dog owners, and can be quite embarrassing when your dog lunges on leash at another dog or human. Many owners say, what a big difference they have with their dogs off leash and on leash behaviour. This in itself offers a clue to the problem as well as the solution. Recognize […]


  2. PET CHALLENGE “Take the Challenge”  So you think know animals? If you’re a natural born quiz whiz, here’s your chance to prove it. Test your knowledge with our true/false questionnaire, destined to befuddle even the wisest of pet lovers! “Here We Go”  1. Pit Bulls have locking jaws. True / False 2. Cats always […]