Crate Training, Part I

With approximately 40 percent of all young canines being given up during their first year in a new home, we owe it to our dog friends to put more energy into helping them adjust to our way of life.

The Crate

There is no negative aspect to crate a puppy if it is done properly. One of the most effective tools that new puppy owners can use is a crate. The proper use of the crate ensures that puppies can cohabit with us successfully.

• A crate keeps your puppy safe while you are away from home.
• It is a powerful tool to aid in bathroom training your pup
• It provides your puppy with a place, much like a den in nature, that he can call his own and feel safe in.
• It safeguards your home from puppy destruction.
• The use of a crate provides your pup with structure in his day-to-day
• It provides you with the ability to control your dog.
• It is a place where your pup can go to have a nap and sleep off the exercise from socializing, playing games and training.
• It is a place where you know your dog is not getting into trouble when you are otherwise occupied.

puppy in kennel

Donna Hall

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