Crate Training, Part II

Introduction to the Crate

Properly introduce the crate immediately upon arriving home and your pup will embrace it as his own. In order to make the initial introduction of the crate a successful one, use toys and treats to encourage your puppy to spend time in it. Leave the door open so that your puppy might explore it on his own. Keep the first sessions short and successful. Build the length of time you leave the dog in the crate from there.

Try a Kong or hollow bone for use with the crate. Fill it with a yummy soft treat (peanut butter, cheese or small bits of liver are good) and give it the puppy when he has to go in the crat.

Crating is not a permanent setup. Once the dog shows he is capable of going to the bathroom reliably outside the house and he can be trusted to remain inside when you are absent or concentrating on something else, the crate is no longer needed. When your dog is ready will depend on you, the dog’s breed, and how fast he matures.

Donna Hall

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